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security alarm system for mobile phone and tablet shop display
security alarm system for mobile phone and tablet shop display

security alarm system for mobile phone and tablet shop display


Custom Manufacturing Available


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Payment Term

TT / LC and Others

Minimum Order Quantity

200 Pieces


Normally 6-10 Days

Mass Production 

Depends, Normally 10-30 Days

Place of Origin

Made in China

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security alarm system for mobile phone and tablet shop display

Our Company Type: We are China Suppliers / Manufacturers / Factory / Fabricators.

Size 12cm*6cm*2.5cm
Material ABS
4 port output 2A for each charge port
Stand-by Current Consumption ≤10.0mA
Activation Current Consumption ≤250mA
Charge Yes
Bi Tone Output >120 db (Inner alarm), Optional: External Alarm or Speaker
Induction method Contact separation alarm, disconnection alarm, USB jack separation alarm
Multi Targets 1, 2,4,8,12 port
3 Different Display Selectable A.Metal Display stand with Sensor B.Acrylic Display stand with USB Demo-Sensor C.Sensor alone


1.Quick reaction speed:Alarm will sound when the USB cable is pulled/cut

2.Once alarm is triggered ,alarm can only be stopped by host key(press remote control to stop alarm)

3.Build-in alarm horn,high-volume alarm speacker are hidden in the chassis of the host to prevent tampering.Sound wire cannot be cut extermally.(Build-in external speacker jack from rear side host)

4.Remote controller offers ease of use

5.LED indicators to show port current status.

6.USB inferface ,ring type,mini end selectable



Adopted 2A output for each port, controlled by double MCU. This alarm controller can charge for 4pcs of mobile phone or tablet saturated.


How to set up the device

1.There double head connectors(USB and Detector) to USB cable.

2.Double head Micro USB connector plugs into Tablet or Smart phone USB port)

3.Tear off 3M sticker on detector and stick detector on tablet or smart phone surface.

4.USB connectors plug into host USB port(rear panel),and adapter cable plug into host(rear panel)

5.After all objects are connected,plug power cord in to AC outlet and press power button ,power LED turn ON.

6.The host once in active position,will give a beep sound (one time) and Red LED turn ON.


Anti-theft Operation:

When alarm is triggered,the smart alarm will sound for 30 seconds,while the corresponding port LED flashes repidly.Duty staff should check if equipment is damaged or cables disconnected .Investigigate if it is a false alarm or an attempt to steal.

To disarm,either press the button of the remote control(or disarm the alarm host with the on/off power)


Accessories list:

1.1set Multi target phone security display system

2.Remote control one on one

3.Power Supply

4.2.0M Straight cable (charge extra)




This product widely used for

Mobile Phone(IPHONE,Samsung,HTC And so on)


ALL of Digital Camera And SLR



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