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smartphone and mobile phone security display stand with alarm
smartphone and mobile phone security display stand with alarm

smartphone and mobile phone security display stand with alarm


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smartphone and mobile phone security display stand with alarm

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USA Hot selling mobile phone security display holder with alarm 
With charging function 
Metal material 
Multi color 



     * Digital products security display alarm stand

            * Product parameters:
            * Product name:Security display stand for mobile phone. 
            * Size:70*50*120mm 

            * Material :Alumunium ,Fire plastic
            * Color:Silver white,black,gold yellow, green,red.
            * Stand time :2years.
            * Charge voltage:100-240V.

            * Output voltage:5V.
            * Output current:800mA.
            * Application on:Mobile phone,MP4,Navigator,etc


It is the most innovative security alarm display system.
  1) Prevent your displaying electronics from stealing
  2) It's convient for the customers to see mobile phone,camera,laptop,MP4 in the exclusive shops, etc.
  3) With the connection of the electronics to the display shelf, security display holder can realized immediately while removed.

  4)Charging and anti-theft alarm for mobile phone


Using :
1.Remove the cover of the Sticker at the bottom of the stand.And stick the stand on the table. 
2.Insert the retractable sensor line in the hole at right side of the stand.
3.Remove the cover of the sticker on the stand, and stick the mobile or Mp4 on the stand .Remove the small round cover of the sticker,and stick it on the front screen of mobile.

The stand will sound in two times. The first sound means the stand is opened by itself,And the second sound means the stand is in normal working .

4.Insert the power adapter in the MCUSB port on left side of the stand. There will be red light.And this means that the stand is in charging. 
5.Connect square alarm part and the Mobile by the white mobile charging line ,to charge mobiles .
6.Please note that the default pin of the stand is 345.You can unlock the alarm by press 3 4 5 in continue .You can also change the Pin by yourself


Alarm solution  
when alarm,the green indicator light will turn red immediately.Use the remote control to send signal to the host, within 5mm, press “lock”, and the host indicator light turn green.